Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is a popular choice for companies that are looking to update their office space or increase the value of their property. It’s also a great option if you’re considering an addition and want it to match your current d├ęcor. Commercial painting can be done on a variety of surfaces, including wood and metal. Philadelphia Painters is a reliable commercial painting service that can provide you with the highest quality of finish and attention to detail.

Painting Contractors Philadelphia

Philadelphia Painting Contractors list of local Commercial Painting, Residential and residential painting contractors in Pa from all over the state Pennsylvania area. At Philadelphia Painters, we are committed to providing the best painting services in all of Philadelphia.

Benefits of painting commercial spaces

Improves the mood of workers and makes them more productive.

Helps keep down maintenance costs by protecting surfaces from corrosion, mould, dirt and dust.

Makes it easier to find needed items in a cluttered space because colors can be used as visual cues or for organization purposes.

Reduces liability by ensuring surfaces are evenly lit, and colors are more visible.

Makes it easier to find lost tools or equipment by highlighting them with different colors on the floor, walls, ceilings, etc.

Provides a fresh look for older buildings without expensive remodeling costs.

Makes it easier to locate a specific department because colors can be used as visual cues or for organization purposes.

Reduces the need for bulky, unsightly signs by using paint colors and graphics on walls to indicate restrooms, break rooms, mailboxes etc.


Philadelphia Painters is a team of professional painters and painting contractors, who are fully licensed to work in the state of Pennsylvania. We have been providing top-quality cost effective solutions for residential and commercial property owners in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


Philadelphia is a huge city with so many neighborhoods. That means there’s an endless supply of homes and buildings in need of paint jobs! For decades, local painting companies have been providing homeowners the best service for their projects. These highly skilled painters are committed to leaving every customer satisfied and happy with their work – from start to finish. Philadelphia Painters has a team of expert painters that are committed to providing you with exceptional services.